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The nursery is a Y8 game and is classified as being in the genre of Customize
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Play Creation Scene
Creation Scene is a Y8 game and is classified as being in the genre ofJigsaw Creation Scene


Fun game of corar a nice room for girls. Place furniture in the appropriate place for the room will look perfect. Enjoy decorating rooms for girls. Compute with your friends and see who decorates better.
Teddy Room is a Y8 game and is classified as being in the genre of Customize Teddy Room

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Y8 Features Mario Bros Motorbike

Old school Mario Brothers fans can never get enough of the Super Mario Brothers. Ever since Shigeru Miyamoto conceptualized him in 1981 where he was originally known as Jumpman in the arcade game Donkey Kong, he has appeared in over 200 games, by himself or with his brother Luigi. Of the 235 Mario games on y8, Mario Bros Motorbike is one of the top rated, garnering a 90.06 percent rating among devoted fans.

The adventures of this Italian-American plumber are well-depicted in the various video games that he has appeared in. Dressed in red overalls, blue shirt and cap, Mario is perhaps, the most popular video game character in all of history. He lives in Mushroom Kingdom, hence the numerous mushrooms that are a staple feature in all Mario Bros games and his mission is to rescue Princess Peach and stop the evil turtle Browser from taking over the kingdom.

In Mario Bros Motorbike which you can play on y8, Mario is now a bike-riding dude. Using the arrow keys, you let Mario ride his bike, collect coins and do all sorts tricks like backflips and frontflips on treacherous platforms to earn points. You will have to make sure that Mario doesn't lose control and end up with dislodged tires on his motorbike or worse, let him fall into holes when you underestimate how much speed he needs in order to clear a particular obstacle. Like other Mario games, you will also encounter our plumber hero's archenemies like the koopa troopas and other villains, so you've got to maneuver him expertly to clear each level.

This y8 casual flash game is a huge favorite not only among those who grew up with Mario but also among the newer generation who cannot deny the charm that this moustache-bearing hero has. The reason why Mario games have sold more than 200 million units to date is really the unexplainable charisma that this protagonist holds which up to now, has not yet been replicated by any other video game character. Perhaps it's Miyamoto's caricature or him. Or maybe there's magic in the name—we can never really know for certain.

What's sure is that whether you let him walk on foot, collecting coins and jumping over his enemies or let him be a dirt bike rider jumping and flipping through platforms, Mario will always remain a well- known character that both parents and children will love. And at y8, there are tons of Mario games that the moms, dads and kids can play together to make for some quality family time.

Y8 Poker Games: Governor of Poker 2

There are different kinds of poker games on y8. There's Mario Poker, Flash Poker, Texas Hold ‘Em, Good Game Poker and Poker Frenzy. But there's a poker game that's been getting a lot of raves from enthusiasts and beginners alike because of its simplicity and light atmosphere. It's Governor of Poker 2, the sequel of Governor of Poker. By the way, if you're not familiar with this game, you don't have to worry. There's an in-depth (okay, long but very helpful) tutorial that will acquaint you with the ropes in no time.

Governor of Poker 2 on y8 has a rather interesting storyline that sets the tone for the game. The governor of Texas has declared poker illegal because it's a game of chance. It becomes your mission to show him that skill and not luck is needed in this game. You can either choose to play a cash game or enter a tournament in each town you arrive in. With your winnings, you can buy buildings in each town, until such time that all the buildings are yours and you can move to the next town to conquer other poker opponents, enhance your reputation and advance your cause of legalizing poker.

The risk of gambling becomes all too real when you play Governor of Poker 2 on y8. Not only will you be able to bet chips, you can also put your property at stake. Moreover, your opponents can also cheat, so you could lose all your money if you're not careful. If you want to join a tournament but don't have enough money to fund it, you can also get a small loan from the bank or sell your property.

One cool feature about this y8 strategy game developed by Youda Games is that you get to learn how to read the actions of the other characters on the poker table. Sure, you can only see their really cute hats but the developer did such a good job of making them fidget when they are nervous or act frazzled when they are in trouble that as you get more adept at playing Governor of Poker 2, you can also determine if a character is bluffing or not.

If there's something a little bit annoying about this game, it's the sounds the players make. They can be a bit choppy and frankly, irritating. But this doesn't matter much, though, because you can always turn your speaker off.

Y8 Puzzle Games: Life Represented

Computer games are always derived from some aspect of life. Games that feature guns, tanks and people shooting at each other are taken from the experiences of nations and peoples battling one another over some ideology or belief. Competition games naturally come from the thrill and adrenaline rush we derive from watching real-life car, motorbike or go-kart racing contests in circuits all over the globe. But if there's a y8 game category that represents the whole of life and not merely an aspect of it, it has to be the puzzle games.

Some might think that we're waxing too philosophical here. But it's true. Puzzle games that give players all kinds of obstacles to solve before they get the chance to go to the next level are representative of life. We are all bombarded with our own series of hurdles and hitches and we face them the best way we know how given the circumstances. Like the more than 3,500 puzzle games at y8, we either progress to the top of the ladder or regress to "game over" depending on how we face the challenges hurled our way.

The Bubbles Game seems routinely simple. After all, all you really need to do is to aim the bubbles where there are three or more of the same color so that they burst and you eliminate them from your screen. But as you progress in the game, you realize that if you're not quick enough, all the bubbles will quickly fill the screen and cause you to lose the game.

This y8 game can be likened to the opportunities that we don't grab right away. Life can pass us by quickly and if we get too complacent, we won't be able take advantage of the breaks that can make our life better.

A similar game is Jungle Shooter. But this game does not merely stop at shooting groups of three or more fruits. It includes love for pets. In between levels, you feed the fruit you have collected to your pets so that they can help you battle the bats in the jungle.

We don't just interact with people in our lives. Our pets can help us solve the puzzles of our existence, no matter how impossible it may seem. We have heard of dogs sniffing the neck or breasts of their masters or mistresses repeatedly which prompted their human owners to get a CT scan or a mammogram, only to confirm an early diagnosis of cancer.

These games at y8 just serve to remind us of the huge puzzle that is life-in a challenging but fun way.PAG3NEDEGRQF