Thursday, September 22, 2011

Y8 Poker Games: Governor of Poker 2

There are different kinds of poker games on y8. There's Mario Poker, Flash Poker, Texas Hold ‘Em, Good Game Poker and Poker Frenzy. But there's a poker game that's been getting a lot of raves from enthusiasts and beginners alike because of its simplicity and light atmosphere. It's Governor of Poker 2, the sequel of Governor of Poker. By the way, if you're not familiar with this game, you don't have to worry. There's an in-depth (okay, long but very helpful) tutorial that will acquaint you with the ropes in no time.

Governor of Poker 2 on y8 has a rather interesting storyline that sets the tone for the game. The governor of Texas has declared poker illegal because it's a game of chance. It becomes your mission to show him that skill and not luck is needed in this game. You can either choose to play a cash game or enter a tournament in each town you arrive in. With your winnings, you can buy buildings in each town, until such time that all the buildings are yours and you can move to the next town to conquer other poker opponents, enhance your reputation and advance your cause of legalizing poker.

The risk of gambling becomes all too real when you play Governor of Poker 2 on y8. Not only will you be able to bet chips, you can also put your property at stake. Moreover, your opponents can also cheat, so you could lose all your money if you're not careful. If you want to join a tournament but don't have enough money to fund it, you can also get a small loan from the bank or sell your property.

One cool feature about this y8 strategy game developed by Youda Games is that you get to learn how to read the actions of the other characters on the poker table. Sure, you can only see their really cute hats but the developer did such a good job of making them fidget when they are nervous or act frazzled when they are in trouble that as you get more adept at playing Governor of Poker 2, you can also determine if a character is bluffing or not.

If there's something a little bit annoying about this game, it's the sounds the players make. They can be a bit choppy and frankly, irritating. But this doesn't matter much, though, because you can always turn your speaker off.

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